Who are we and what sets us apart?

Being founded by a Registered Nurse, you can feel safe that we have a strong commitment to Quality Care and comply with all the National laws, Guidelines, Service Standards and have the appropriate policies in place.

All our staff have been handpicked to meet our high standards of service. Having children with disabilities, we also have the insight, empathy and understanding for your individual needs and the unique challenges you and you family face on a daily basis. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals and get more out of life.


Director / Registered Nurse

With a B.Soc.Sc in Nursing and over 26 years experience in the Hospital and Community Nursing, it is my passion to provide safe, high quality care to you. Having first hand experience with my own children with disabilities, it gives me the insight, compassion and empathy to understand and listen to your needs, and ensure that we provide you with the best care solutions possible to help reach your personal goals and full potential .


Director / Disability worker / Handyman

 I am committed to the rights of people with disabilities to live dignified lives  and be part of an inclusive community. As a caring and compassionate Support Worker, I want to support and empower you to live your best possible life. I am skilled at a wide range of maintenance and repair jobs in and around the home and garden to help you keep it well maintained.


Special needs Teacher'S  AidE / Disability worker

Having experience as a Special Education Teacher's Aide and two adult children on the spectrum, I have the skills and insight to support you with your individual needs. With my friendly, patient, calm and compassionate personality, I want to support and empower you to become more independent, but also provide you with companionship and emotional support.


mental health nurse / Disability worker

With my background as a Mental health nurse and Disability Support worker, I have great interpersonal communication and problem solving skills. I have a great understanding of different mental health problems and a passion to engage and support you with your individual circumstances.


 Disability worker / handyman

As a caring, kind and personable Support worker, and parent of two adult children on the spectrum, I am committed to support those with disabilities and improve your quality of life. As a retired engineer I have vast handyman experience to help you maintain your garden and home.

Areas Serviced: Sale - Bairnsdale - Lakes Entrance and Surrounding Areas