Private Hourly Rates

We understand and acknowledge that every situation is different and unique. We aim to work with you and help assess the right level and amount of care you need. We offer discounts for overnights.

These rates are a rough guidance but we are happy to take your individual circumstances into account. Please contact us for an assessment and a quote.

Hourly Rates

                      Weekdays                                              6am-8pm                               $55.00 per hour **

                      Weekdays                                              8pm-6am                               $70.00 per hour **

                      Saturdays                                                 All day                                   $80.00 per hour **

                      Sundays                                                     All day                                   $90.00 per hour **

                      Public Holidays                                     All day                                   $120.00 per hour **

** Rates are for Disability and Aged Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Support Workers.        Nursing Rates may differ, depending on level of care needed.

Free Quotes will be provided for minor repair works.